Are there Any Side Effects of DCA Treatment?

Yes, there can be.   DCA may cause reversible damage to peripheral nerves. The symptoms include trembling of fingers and toes. The doctors stress again that this damage IS reversible.  In order to work against neuropathy you should use the dietary supplements mentioned above.

Other possible temporary side effects include:

–  vertigo, depression, fatigue (especially noticeable if DCA is administered with caffeine), weakness (especially noticeable if DCA is administered with caffeine), increased urination, swelling in the ankle area, nausea, anxiety

If the side effects would become hard to cope with, it may mean that the dosage of DCA should be lowered or that DCA should not be administered for a few days.

Side effects observed in patients by the doctors from Medicor Cancer Centers:

Neurological: Damage to nerves in hands and feet (peripheral neuropathy).  Neuropathy usually needs several weeks to develop and if it is detected early, it is reversible. According to the existing literature, neuropathy resulting from DCA treatment on age.   In order to prevent and/or reduce the severity of peripheral neuropathy, take a B1 vitamin (benfothiamin or thiamin) and Acid R(+) alpha lipon acid.

Drug intoxication, disorientation, hallucinations, memory-related problems, trembling hands. These side effects seem to be dependent on the dosage and age of a patient.  It is in accordance with the existing examination data from the patients.

Gastrointestinal: Heartburn, nausea, vomiting, indigestion. These side effects may appear during DCA treatment. The doctors prescribe proton pomp inhibitor (e.g. pantoprazole) in order to prevent them.

Other side effects: Some patients feel pain in the vicinity of tumor(s) during the first few days from the beginning of DCA treatment. This seems to show that the DCA is working.

Most of the reported side effects are of mild or moderate intensification.

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