Why Is Sugar Bad For Cancer Patients?

Cancer patients should avoid all sugars like white sugar and particularly things that quickly turn into sugar when you eat them.

These foods (that are quickly turned into sugar in your body) are ones most people don’t usually associate with sugar. Things like white bread, white flour, white pasta, white potato’s

All foods have a glycemic index number. 100 is the highest (pure white sugar), the higher the number the worse the food is.

Cancer cells use sugar for energy, this is called glycolysis. All other cells use oxygen for energy.

Inside the cell the mitochondria is the ‘engine’ that gives the cell energy and life. The ‘gas’ for the mitochondria is oxygen. In a cancer cell the mitochondria is broken and the cell changes to using sugar for energy instead of oxygen. So, if you deprive the cancer cell of sugar it can’t survive (and spread). You basically starve the cancer cell to death if you deprive it of sugar.

Incidentally, PureDCA turns the mitochondria back on and lets the cell recognize that something is wrong and then it self destructs, a natural process called apoptosis (programmed cell death). Programmed cell death is natural and occurs billions of times a day in your body. When a cell realizes it is defective or too old to perform its function it simply dies off and is replaced by a new healthy cell. This does not happen in cancer cells and instead they spread and grow.

All the information about glycemic index comes from diabetic treatment and is well documented. Basically you just need to avoid certain foods that are quickly converted into sugar and cause your blood sugar to spike.

In most cases there are substitutes like basmati rice instead of white rice, whole grain pasta instead of white pasta.

Here is a great list of the glycemic index value of many foods

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