DCA Dichloroacetate Abstract


Sodium dichloroacetate (NaDCA) is a form of neutralized dichloroacetic acid (dichloroacetate or DCA).

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Pure sodium dichloroacetate

Dichloroacetate is already used for cancer in dogs. It is also used in treating a mitochondrial disease in children. As DCA was already used to treat other diseases, it was already approved by the FDA decades ago and that implies that it is relatively safe to use. We would really like to see the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and other organizations work together to establish a new kind of treatment protocol that involves dichloroacetate.

Several universities have already conducted studies with DCA.

Understanding what is cancer and what are cancer symptoms is crucial for developing a new alternative cancer treatment solution. Sophisticated cancer research revolving around cancer prevention, cancer therapy, cancer fighting foods and cancer treatments is a field which should be paid special attention to, as cancer is the second cause of death in developed countries.

It is commonly believed that our scientific knowledge increase by 5 times each year. Applying math to this exponential growth virtually guarantees the cure to cancer will be found with the average lifetime of most younger and middle aged people alive today.

The children of today will hopefully not be faced with this horrible disease. Just like polio was declared eredicated in 2015 it is hoped that cancer will be eradicated in a similar manner. For now there are many very effective cancer treatments. As always consult your physician and get a second opinion. If is your health and no one cares more about your health than you do.

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