DCA Quality

DCA Quality

Basic DCA Information

Sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA) offered on PureDCA.com is 99+% pure. We choose our suppliers very carefully, so that the DCA you buy here is of the best possible quality, equal to the quality of DCA being used in the Medicor Cancer Centres.

With no organic solvents added and the final product being as pure as possible, our DCA is the best sodium dichloroacetate currently available. Unlike other sites selling DCA, we ship to every country in the world, including the US, we even answer our telephone.

We will gladly answer the telephone and address any questions you may have. If you get the answering machine it is probably because we are serving another customer, just leave a message and someone will call you back shortly. We have a full time employee dedicated to JUST answering the phone. Do NOT buy from a company that does not post their phone number, and physical store address. Many of our customers actually drive to our store to pick up their DCA, we are not an internet only business.

Inside our DCA bottle there is a special desiccant packet that absorbs oxygen, always leave this in the bottle. Most desiccant packets absorb moisture, ours is specially designed to absorb oxygen because oxygen dramatically decreases the potency of DCA. Don’t take chances with your health, deal with a company who understands the product they are selling.

Chemical Composition

Product name: Sodium DichloroAcetate (DCA)

Catalog purity: 99%

Molecular formula: Cl2CHCOONa

Molecular mass: 150,92 g/mol

1Main component puritymin. 99% (T/Cl) (52%)99,5%
2Chlorides (as NaCl)max. 0,5%<0,04%
3Watermax. 1%consistent
4Appearancewhite powderconsistent

Note: This product is hygroscopic! Store it in a dry, dark and cold place (freezer is advisable).

Certificate of Analysis

Note: This is an old certificate that was listed here when the site was first created. We get restocked with DCA every month and it is difficult to keep posting the most current certificate. The DCA arrives at the bottling facility vacuum packed and sealed in thick mylar bags. The bags do no allow any air or light in. As indicated, the purity is a minimum 99% pure. The CAS number is a unique chemical number that designates only ONE substance. The white paper is a scan of the labs test results showing the method of testing and the resulting purity results for each test.

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