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What To Do when The PH Level Drops?

You have to make sure whether or not it is caused by Tumor Lysis Syndrome.  Medical examination as well as alkalization of the organism needs to be performed.

To increase the level of pH, you can use:

–  Sodium bicarbonate (usually purified soda)

–  water with lemon juice (it maintains the effect of alkalization for a longer period)

Read on the Internet about more sophisticated ways of alkalizing your body.

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What Additional Activities Should Be Done During the Treatment?

You should check your pH level two times a day.  It is important to check pH levels of both urine and saliva. This is used as a method to predict if TLS (Tumor Lysis Syndrome) would appear. This syndrome may appear during the treatment of some tumors.

Minimal level of pH should be 6.8 for saliva and 7.0 for urine.

Nothing will happen if the level is higher.  Generally, the higher the pH level, the better the efficiency of DCA itself.  Therefore, steps should be taken so the pH level does not fall below 7.0.  If it would start falling rapidly, morphology should be performed to check whether the Tumor Lysis Syndrome appeared.  The following parameters should be taken under consideration:

–  uric acid > 8mg/dl or 25% rise

–  potassium > 6mEq/l or 25% rise

–  phosphorans > 4,5mg/dl or 25% rise

–  calcium < 7mg/dl or 25% fall

If TLS is diagnosed, DCA treatment should be stopped, because the Tumor Lysis Syndrome is life-threatening.   After the symptoms disappear, DCA treatment may be reapplied.

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