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How Do I Use The Scale To Measure DCA

You should always measure DCA by weight and NOT volume. Measuring by weight is the only accurate way to get the correct dosage, for this you need a precise digital scale.

Volume is how much space something takes up, for example 1/4 teaspoon is a VOLUME measure. The weight of a volume measure can vary depending on a variety of factors such has humidity and temperature. To ensure an accurate measurement of DCA use a scale. The scales in our store are accurate to 0.1 grams, this is accurate enough to prepare DCA dosages.

You can buy the scale in our DCA Store.

Here is a short video showing how to use the scale.

Video showing how to use a scale to measure DCA.

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What is the Caffeine Protocol?

NOTE: we do NOT recommend added caffeine for anyone.

In most cases, the patients took about 480mg of caffeine, which is about 12 cups of black tea (assuming that a cup of black tea contains 40-45 mg of caffeine.)

The dosage should be used carefully in the case of brain cancers. Many brain cancer patients opt not to use caffeine with DCA.

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