Quality Control

All of our DCA is manufactured in a government licensed and inspected neutraceutical lab that follows strict GMP standards.

As DCA is VERY sensitive to oxygen DCA from PureDCA is manufactured in an oxygen depleted environment. This is a proprietary manufacturing process the details of which are a trade secret and are not publicly available.

Also note that the PureDCA powder is 99%+ pure pharmaceutical grade DCA and each bottle of powder includes an oxygen buster desiccant packet that adsorbs the oxygen in the bottle. This ensures that DCA stored in the bottle with this special packet will maintain its potency. If you get DCA from another company and it does NOT have an oxygen absorbing desiccant packet you might want to ask them why.

Reports are submitted to the government inspection agency quarterly outlining procedures and protocols. Inspections are done randomly and are un-announced.

Our manufacturer has never failed an inspection. Their facility manufactures over 80 products, of which DCA is just one.

Testing of PureDCA

  1. Microbial testing is done on each batch to ensure there are no microorganisms
  2. COA, certificate of analysis. This testing is done to ensure the purity and identity of the DCA. Each batch has its own COA. COA tests various chemical properties such as PH level and PPM readings. This proves a chemical’s identity.

We used to post these test results publicly however many people contacted the testing lab to ask questions. The testing lab is not set up to field public questions and consequently asked us not to post their information. COA and microbial testing are done by different labs. Recent COA (listed below) with the information identifying the lab redacted (at their request).

Several customers have had our PureDCA tested at labs of their choosing and the labs have been amazed at the incredible purity of our DCA. The cost for this testing ranges between $200-$400. There are two types of tests that can be done, make sure that the lab you choose understands the differences and uses the correct test.

PureDCA certificate of analysis

PureDCA Certifcate of Analysis