Quality of PureDCA Capsules

Text in quotes by Dr. Mercola:

“It’s common knowledge that drugs, vitamins or supplements contain more than just the active ingredient. Something has to encapsulate them hold them together in a form that not only  makes them usable, but producible by a manufacturer in massive quantities.”

In the U.S. many supplement makers are adding “flow agents” into their capsules. Their only purpose is to keep ingredients from sticking to equipment during mixing and compression. They make manufacturing faster and easier, but it’s not impossible to produce the final product without them. Not using them simply adds to manufacturing costs and final sales price of the product, but there is clearly no reason this ingredient is added for consumer benefit.

Magnesium stearate is a commonly used and potentially harmful additive found in many supplements.

This is a substance I have warned about for a long time because of its subtle ability to cause possible harm to your intestine, possibly even preventing the proper absorption of nutrients.”

Historically the manufacturer used this common flow agent (the Magnesium Stearate) to get the Pure DCA powder into the capsules. We improved the product by changing the “flow agent” to NAC (cysteine B6). It is more expensive but we did NOT increase the price because it gives a MUCH BETTER end-product as NAC is an amino acid that is crucial in the healing process.

We recommend everyone supplement with NAC (N – Acetyl Cysteine) and even recommend they watch the video here to know why:

We have actively promoted NAC as an add-on supplement in our Pure DCA capsules – we are now able to say that our Pure DCA capsules are actually better than the Pure DCA powder alone.

Medical Doctor explains how NAC fights cancer and other diseases.

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