Shipping Questions

When Will My Order Be Shipped?

We ship orders within 24 hours.  Orders received before 2 PM (New York Time) will be shipped the same day they are received.

Note that we cannot ship orders on Sundays as all postal services are closed.

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping cost depends on the country being shipped to:

For United States the rates are as follows
First Class (2-8 Days): $7.99
Priority (2-4 Days): $9.99
Express/Courier: $60.00

For Canada the rates are as follows
Flat Rate: $12.99
Express/Courier: $60.00

For Non-North American Countries
First Class : $12.99
Priority (6-10 Days): $40.00
Express/Courier (7 Days): $90.00

What Countries Do You Ship To?

We ship to any country in the world. The shipping cost is the same for EVERY country.

How Do I Order DCA?

You can order DCA directly from the site you are on now. Visit the store link. You can order with credit card right on this site or you can call via the telephone to place your order. The phone number is on the store page.

When Will My Order Arrive?

United States generally arrive within 3-5 business days, sometimes less.

Delivery times to other countries vary by country and generally take 6-9 business days. Note that weekends do not count. Also note that once we hand off your order to the postal services we have no control over how long it takes the package to arrive. Customs clearance in your country may delay your order by a few days, this is beyond our control.

Is Overnight/Next Day SHIPPING Available?

We offer US courier shipping via USPS as an extra PAID option. This service takes 2-3 days depending on your location and time the order was received.

To use this shipping option just select it on the store page and it will be added to your shopping cart.

The cost for this service is $60 for USA addresses.     If you have any questions about this service contact us.

It will be shipped within hours of payment being received, will process through US Customs faster,  and be shipped by USPS Courier.  They need a phone number to expedite delivery so remember to provide the delivery phone number WITH YOUR ORDER.

If you want International Courier Service or have other any other questions about this service contact us.

Is there a Courier Service in the USA?

We offer ‘Courier Service’ but this is not overnight courier due to the huge distances within the US.

It will be shipped within hours of payment being received and be shipped by USPS Courier. They need a phone number to expedite delivery so remember to provide the delivery phone number WITH YOUR ORDER.

The cost for this service is $60 for USA addresses.

If you want International Courier Service or have other any other questions about this service contact us.

Is there a Courier Service for Canada?

We offer ‘Courier Service’ but this is not overnight courier due to the huge distances within Canada.

It will be shipped within hours of payment being received, will process through Customs faster, and be shipped by Courier. They need a phone number to expedite delivery so remember to provide the delivery phone number WITH YOUR ORDER.

The cost for this service is $60 for  addresses.

If you want International Courier Service or have other any other questions about this service contact us.

Is there an International Courier Service?

We offer ‘Courier Service’ but this is not overnight courier due to the time required to clear International Borders and Process through your country’s Customs House.  We will get it Couriered to your Border quickly HOWEVER we cannot speed the package through your Customs.  This takes about 3-7 days, normally.

However, Courier Service guarantees it will process and be shipped within hours of payment being received.   You will also receive a Tracking Number for your parcel.   The Courier Service will need a phone number to expedite delivery – so remember to provide the delivery phone number WITH YOUR ORDER.

The cost for this service is $90 for all International Orders.

If you want International Courier Service or have other any other questions about this service contact us.

General Questions

Can DCA Cure My Cancer

No. Currently, there is no cure cancer for cancer. DCA however is now being used by cancer patients with all types of cancers, and in all stages.

UPDATE: Recent videos released by University of Alberta discusses the positive results in human trials.

I Can Not Buy Sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA). May I Use Dichloroacetic Acid Instead?

No! Never use the acid. It is very reactive. Within a short period of time, it could burn your skin. It cannot be used as a drink as well. Thinning it down in water will not help. It would be most unwise to attempt neutralizing the acid on your own. Only an experienced chemist with professional equipment may do this properly. Dichloroacetic acid is only used in the beginning of the DCA production process. Please do not buy DCA Acid for medical purposes.

Journalists often do not know enough about the subject they attempt to cover!  You must use the DCA in powdered form – never in acid/liquid form.

Should DCA Therapy be Supervised by an Oncologist?

Yes. This is the best option. However, many doctors are afraid of responsibility, or are afraid to admit that they do not know something. An intelligent oncologist will definitely agree to supervise such therapy.  Remember,  DCA is used to treat patients with lactic acidosis and can be prescribed this way.

What is the Molecular Mass of DCA? How Much Sodium is in it?

The molecular mass of DCA is about 151. The mass of sodium is about 23. Sodium makes for 15.25% sodium dichloroacetate.

Does Any Clinic Offer DCA Treatment?

Medicor in Toronto does. There is also a clinic in Mexico, Chipsa Clinic.

What is the Cost of Treatment at Medicor Clinic? What Are the Details?

This is a remote therapy.  You have to send all required data (including data from medical examination) by fax.  A consultation costs $400. After the consultation, drugs, dosages, etc. are prescribed and sent to the patient.  The cost is $160-$200 a week.  It is also possible to purchase remote medical consultation (by phone). Dr. Akbar Khan is available 24/7 for $800 a week. Most patients consider the cost very reasonable. Various word of mouth accounts by patients can be found on the internet and everyone reports being very pleased with Medicor.

If you wish to travel to Toronto, bear in mind that:

  • You cannot stay at the clinic.
  • During the treatment you will have to rent a room in a hotel nearby or stay with somebody you know. Toronto area hotels start at about $180 per night.
  • Each visit to the clinic costs $400.

The costs of all essential medical examinations should be added as well.

How Long Can DCA be Stored? In What Conditions?

Research on thermically accelerated decomposition of DCA created for oral use showed that half-life in 4°C is a period of about 5 years. It drops to 156 days if the temperature rises to 25°C. The stability of DCA was also watched for a year. It was kept in 4°C. It proved to be stable for the whole year and therefore 1 year is presently the recommended time of storage.

You should keep DCA tightly sealed in the original bottle and store it in the freezer. DCA absorbs water extremely fast and open air exposure in humid environments should be minimized.

Where Can I Learn More?

DCA is a new form of treatment. Therefore, the only source of knowledge is the internet. Many doctors first hear of DCA from their patients. In fact we have doctors contact us daily with questions and placing orders for their patients. Call us if you have any questions. Our phone number is on our contact page.

Can DCA Treatment be Used in Combination with Chemotherapy? What About Radiation Therapy?

Yes to both. Current reports from patients using DCA state that the effectiveness of chemotherapies they use improved. A claim that a large number of these reports makes is that the tumor was subject to a complete remission, or that the size of the existing tumors greatly decreased. The reports also say that because of DCA there was a response to chemotherapeutics, while there was no response earlier (when only chemotherapeutics were used).

Is Your Company Connected with Medicor Cancer Centres?

No.  We are not connected with MCC in any way. They provide very excellent care and are well respected professionals.

There is a 58 minute interview with them on our video page, 3rd video down. They are progressive pioneers in alternative cancer treatment and they are getting amazing results with DCA and other therapies. They are licensed medical doctors and answer most questions (in the video) people have about DCA. Does it work? Is it safe? Hear the answers to these questions and more from reputable medical professionals.


What Doses of DCA Should Be Used?

The dosage guidelines below are general guidelines. Personalized dosage recommendations are only given to verified purchasers of our DCA. We can not advise you about DCA purchased elsewhere as we have no idea of the quality and purity of any other companies DCA. When you buy from us you will be referred to a specialist to figure out your personalized dosage needs. This is a free service offered to all our customers.

The daily dosage of DCA is determined on the basis of body weight (in kilograms), type of cancer, and stage of cancer.

The general daily dosage of DCA is 20 mg of DCA per kilogram of body weight.

The maintenance dosage, those in remission or those using DCA to prevent cancer, is 10 mg/kg body weight.

Brain cancer patients and late stage patients will need a custom protocol. Contact us and we will refer you to a specialist (no charge for this service).

We do NOT recommend supplementing with caffeine. The so-called ‘Caffeine Protocol’ is old information and may be dangerous. Brain cancer patients should NEVER take caffeine.

If chemotherapy is used simultaneously, the apoptosis of tumor cells may be so fast that the organism may not be able to excrete the products of tumor disintegration – it may cause TLS and, in the worst case, even death.  Moreover, if the tumor is attached to a wall of an organ (a lung, for example), the mass reduction of the tumor may be so rapid that the organism might not be able to restore the missing tissue.  Such situation may be life-threatening. TLS can be regulated with Thiamine supplementation, 750 mg per day. DCA is know to deplete your body’s thiamine stores. Headaches are an early sign of thiamine deficiency.

DCA doses may be higher in younger patients.  This is because DCA is better metabolized by a younger organism.

The daily dosage of DCA can be divided into two  smaller doses. When you know your total dose for DCA and thiamine for the entire day takes 1/2 or each in the morning and 1/2 of each in the evening

Why is Caffiene Needed?

NOTE: we do NOT recommend added caffeine for anyone.

The information below has been left here for historic purposes. This is old information from the early days of DCA use.

DCA activates the metabolic cycle of mitochondria, but it does not seem to be sufficient. To achieve the effect of apoptosis, the reactivated mitochondrial mechanism must be accelerated. This happens thanks to caffeine.  If we treat DCA as a key, which starts an engine, caffeine is the gas pedal – it regulates the speed of the engine correlated with the intensity of apoptosis. Therefore, by regulating the doses of caffeine, the doctors regulate the intensiveness of apoptosis.

What Source of Caffeine Should Be Used?

NOTE: we do NOT recommend added caffeine for anyone.

The information below has been left here for historic purposes.

Tea (both black and green, with the former containing more caffeine) is the most recommended source of caffeine.

Drinking coffee is not recommended, because in this case the amount of caffeine is much higher – it may be particularly dangerous with brain cancers.

Also, coffee, unlike tea, acidifies the organism.

What are the Suggestions for the DCA-Caffeine-B1 Protocol + Glioblastoma Multiforme (Brain Cancer)?

NOTE: we do NOT recommend added caffeine for anyone.

The information below has been left here for historic purposes.

Patients with brain tumors must proceed with great caution while using the protocol DCA-caffeine-B1.

The doctors observed a very serious response to protocol DCA-caffeine-B1 among the patients with brain cancers. They have been informed that taking large doses of DCA and taking caffeine caused very serious reactions. This protocol may be behind all reported serious side effects from the patients with glioblastoma multiforme. The last report also shows that low doses of DCA (4.4mg/kg) in connection with caffeine (coffee in particular) cause undesirable response, which may lead to life-threatening attacks. With the dosage so low, following symptoms were reported:  feeling of burning, disorientation, nausea and headache.

If you have a brain tumor and take DCA, be careful!  As mentioned earlier, patients with full remission, used smaller doses of DCA – from 10 to 12mg/kg.  Other patients on DCA (those without brain cancer) reported results positively astonished them after they started to take caffeine.  However, it seems that the reaction is stronger (in a negative sense) in the case of patients with brain tumors.

In a scientific paper on our site you can find out that there is a research of distribution of adenosine in rats. In this document you may read that the receptors are in the whole body and that Receptor of Adenosine A1 is broadly expressed in the brain.

The high number of receptors of adenosine in the brain may be one of the reasons behind the fact that mixing DCA with caffeine hits patients with brain cancers particularly hard. Therefore it is crucial to remember that if you have a brain tumor and use DCA and caffeine, you have to be careful. It seems that high doses should not be taken (the doses should not exceed 12mg/kg) and that caffeine cannot be taken without risk. The higher the dosage of DCA, the higher the probability of attacks or outbreaks and death.

What Dietary Supplements Should Be Used?

B1 vitamin (Thiamine) should be used to prevent side effects and to improve the functioning of mitochondria. Presently, the dosage of B1 vitamin is set from 500mg to 2500mg, depending on the intensiveness of after effects and the dosage of caffeine. The most appropriate dosage seems to be between 500 and 1000mg. The doses of B1 vitamin are so high because simultaneous application of caffeine lowers the amount of this vitamin in the organism.

Acid R (+) alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and Omega-3 acid may be used as well. ALA and Omega-3 acids have anticancer uses.  Moreover, ALA prevents a side effect of DCA  neuropathy.  Omega-3 acid may be taken from a dietary supplement or linseed oil, for instance.

Compounding pharmacists also recommend MMS – a combination of a solution of chlorine dioxide and citric acid. This product purifies the organism, kills dangerous bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

Where Can These Supplements Be Bought?

B1 vitamin may be bought in any pharmacy without prescription, but in many countries only small amounts are available this way (such as 5mg pills). Buying B1 vitamins in this form results in taking a great amount of pills at a single time. Larger packets (such as 25mg) may be prescribed by a doctor. Also, a derivative of thiamin (vitamin B1) may be bought.  It is called benfothiamin.  It is better assimilated by humans.  It may be bought in pharmacies as Benfogamma.  Each pill contains 50mg benfothiamin.

Pure thiamine is almost impossible to find, however we have found a supply of pure thiamine in powder form.

We also have the same pure pharmaceutical grade thiamine in high dosage capsules specifically made for DCA patients.

Visit our store to buy it in either pure powder or in capsule form.

Additional Activities

What Additional Activities Should Be Done During the Treatment?

You should check your pH level two times a day.  It is important to check pH levels of both urine and saliva. This is used as a method to predict if TLS (Tumor Lysis Syndrome) would appear. This syndrome may appear during the treatment of some tumors.

Minimal level of pH should be 6.8 for saliva and 7.0 for urine.

Nothing will happen if the level is higher.  Generally, the higher the pH level, the better the efficiency of DCA itself.  Therefore, steps should be taken so the pH level does not fall below 7.0.  If it would start falling rapidly, morphology should be performed to check whether the Tumor Lysis Syndrome appeared.  The following parameters should be taken under consideration:

–  uric acid > 8mg/dl or 25% rise

–  potassium > 6mEq/l or 25% rise

–  phosphorans > 4,5mg/dl or 25% rise

–  calcium < 7mg/dl or 25% fall

If TLS is diagnosed, DCA treatment should be stopped, because the Tumor Lysis Syndrome is life-threatening.   After the symptoms disappear, DCA treatment may be reapplied.

What To Do when The PH Level Drops?

You have to make sure whether or not it is caused by Tumor Lysis Syndrome.  Medical examination as well as alkalization of the organism needs to be performed.

To increase the level of pH, you can use:

–  Sodium bicarbonate (usually purified soda)

–  water with lemon juice (it maintains the effect of alkalization for a longer period)

Read on the Internet about more sophisticated ways of alkalizing your body.


What is the Caffeine Protocol?

NOTE: we do NOT recommend added caffeine for anyone.

In most cases, the patients took about 480mg of caffeine, which is about 12 cups of black tea (assuming that a cup of black tea contains 40-45 mg of caffeine.)

The dosage should be used carefully in the case of brain cancers. Many brain cancer patients opt not to use caffeine with DCA.

How Do I Use The Scale To Measure DCA

You should always measure DCA by weight and NOT volume. Measuring by weight is the only accurate way to get the correct dosage, for this you need a precise digital scale.

Volume is how much space something takes up, for example 1/4 teaspoon is a VOLUME measure. The weight of a volume measure can vary depending on a variety of factors such has humidity and temperature. To ensure an accurate measurement of DCA use a scale. The scales in our store are accurate to 0.1 grams, this is accurate enough to prepare DCA dosages.

You can buy the scale in our DCA Store.

Here is a short video showing how to use the scale.

Video showing how to use a scale to measure DCA.

Side Effects

Are there Any Side Effects of DCA Treatment?

Yes, there can be.   DCA may cause reversible damage to peripheral nerves. The symptoms include trembling of fingers and toes. The doctors stress again that this damage IS reversible.  In order to work against neuropathy you should use the dietary supplements mentioned above.

Other possible temporary side effects include:

–  vertigo, depression, fatigue (especially noticeable if DCA is administered with caffeine), weakness (especially noticeable if DCA is administered with caffeine), increased urination, swelling in the ankle area, nausea, anxiety

If the side effects would become hard to cope with, it may mean that the dosage of DCA should be lowered or that DCA should not be administered for a few days.

Side effects observed in patients by the doctors from Medicor Cancer Centers:

Neurological: Damage to nerves in hands and feet (peripheral neuropathy).  Neuropathy usually needs several weeks to develop and if it is detected early, it is reversible. According to the existing literature, neuropathy resulting from DCA treatment on age.   In order to prevent and/or reduce the severity of peripheral neuropathy, take a B1 vitamin (benfothiamin or thiamin) and Acid R(+) alpha lipon acid.

Drug intoxication, disorientation, hallucinations, memory-related problems, trembling hands. These side effects seem to be dependent on the dosage and age of a patient.  It is in accordance with the existing examination data from the patients.

Gastrointestinal: Heartburn, nausea, vomiting, indigestion. These side effects may appear during DCA treatment. The doctors prescribe proton pomp inhibitor (e.g. pantoprazole) in order to prevent them.

Other side effects: Some patients feel pain in the vicinity of tumor(s) during the first few days from the beginning of DCA treatment. This seems to show that the DCA is working.

Most of the reported side effects are of mild or moderate intensification.

Does DCA Interact With Other Drugs?

Current research indicates that there are no interaction effects with other drugs or supplements.

What is TLS?

Tumor lysis syndrome, TLS is a serious complication of antitumor therapy, often leading to kidney failure, multiorgan failure and death. Most cases of TLS happen when during chemotherapy of those tumors, which are very responsive to cytostatics (Burkitt’s lymphoma, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, hepatoblastoma, neuroblastoma).  It is caused by a sudden disintegration (necrosis or massive apoptosis) of cancer cells, which release large amounts of potassium, uric acid and phosphor.

The excess of uric acid, potassium and phosphor is excreted by kidneys. These amounts, however, are significant enough to cause hyperkalemia, hyperuricemia, heperphosphatemia followed by hypercalcemia.  In the acidic kidney urethra environment, the uric acid precipitates and may remain in the organism, stopping the excreting of urine and consequently leading to kidney failure.

Some of the symptoms include: stomachache; anuria, oliguria, hematuria, colic pain; symptoms of hypercalcemia – vomiting, lack of appetite, tetany; symptoms of hyperkalemia – weakness, paralysis, cardiac conduction abnormalities.

Complications: acute kidney failure; ventricular arrhythmia followed by hyperkalemia; heart failure in extreme cases of hyperkalemia.

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