What are the Suggestions for the DCA-Caffeine-B1 Protocol + Glioblastoma Multiforme (Brain Cancer)?

NOTE: we do NOT recommend added caffeine for anyone.

The information below has been left here for historic purposes.

Patients with brain tumors must proceed with great caution while using the protocol DCA-caffeine-B1.

The doctors observed a very serious response to protocol DCA-caffeine-B1 among the patients with brain cancers. They have been informed that taking large doses of DCA and taking caffeine caused very serious reactions. This protocol may be behind all reported serious side effects from the patients with glioblastoma multiforme. The last report also shows that low doses of DCA (4.4mg/kg) in connection with caffeine (coffee in particular) cause undesirable response, which may lead to life-threatening attacks. With the dosage so low, following symptoms were reported:  feeling of burning, disorientation, nausea and headache.

If you have a brain tumor and take DCA, be careful!  As mentioned earlier, patients with full remission, used smaller doses of DCA – from 10 to 12mg/kg.  Other patients on DCA (those without brain cancer) reported results positively astonished them after they started to take caffeine.  However, it seems that the reaction is stronger (in a negative sense) in the case of patients with brain tumors.

In a scientific paper on our site you can find out that there is a research of distribution of adenosine in rats. In this document you may read that the receptors are in the whole body and that Receptor of Adenosine A1 is broadly expressed in the brain.

The high number of receptors of adenosine in the brain may be one of the reasons behind the fact that mixing DCA with caffeine hits patients with brain cancers particularly hard. Therefore it is crucial to remember that if you have a brain tumor and use DCA and caffeine, you have to be careful. It seems that high doses should not be taken (the doses should not exceed 12mg/kg) and that caffeine cannot be taken without risk. The higher the dosage of DCA, the higher the probability of attacks or outbreaks and death.

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