What Doses of DCA Should Be Used?

The dosage guidelines below are general guidelines. Personalized dosage recommendations are only given to verified purchasers of our DCA. We can not advise you about DCA purchased elsewhere as we have no idea of the quality and purity of any other companies DCA. When you buy from us you will be referred to a specialist to figure out your personalized dosage needs. This is a free service offered to all our customers.

The daily dosage of DCA is determined on the basis of body weight (in kilograms), type of cancer, and stage of cancer.

The general daily dosage of DCA is 20 mg of DCA per kilogram of body weight.

The maintenance dosage, those in remission or those using DCA to prevent cancer, is 10 mg/kg body weight.

Brain cancer patients and late stage patients will need a custom protocol. Contact us and we will refer you to a specialist (no charge for this service).

We do NOT recommend supplementing with caffeine. The so-called ‘Caffeine Protocol’ is old information and may be dangerous. Brain cancer patients should NEVER take caffeine.

If chemotherapy is used simultaneously, the apoptosis of tumor cells may be so fast that the organism may not be able to excrete the products of tumor disintegration – it may cause TLS and, in the worst case, even death.  Moreover, if the tumor is attached to a wall of an organ (a lung, for example), the mass reduction of the tumor may be so rapid that the organism might not be able to restore the missing tissue.  Such situation may be life-threatening. TLS can be regulated with Thiamine supplementation, 750 mg per day. DCA is know to deplete your body’s thiamine stores. Headaches are an early sign of thiamine deficiency.

DCA doses may be higher in younger patients.  This is because DCA is better metabolized by a younger organism.

The daily dosage of DCA can be divided into two  smaller doses. When you know your total dose for DCA and thiamine for the entire day takes 1/2 or each in the morning and 1/2 of each in the evening

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