What is the Cost of Treatment at Medicor Clinic? What Are the Details?

This is a remote therapy.  You have to send all required data (including data from medical examination) by fax.  A consultation costs $400. After the consultation, drugs, dosages, etc. are prescribed and sent to the patient.  The cost is $160-$200 a week.  It is also possible to purchase remote medical consultation (by phone). Dr. Akbar Khan is available 24/7 for $800 a week. Most patients consider the cost very reasonable. Various word of mouth accounts by patients can be found on the internet and everyone reports being very pleased with Medicor.

If you wish to travel to Toronto, bear in mind that:

  • You cannot stay at the clinic.
  • During the treatment you will have to rent a room in a hotel nearby or stay with somebody you know. Toronto area hotels start at about $180 per night.
  • Each visit to the clinic costs $400.

The costs of all essential medical examinations should be added as well.

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