Where Can These Supplements Be Bought?

B1 vitamin may be bought in any pharmacy without prescription, but in many countries only small amounts are available this way (such as 5mg pills). Buying B1 vitamins in this form results in taking a great amount of pills at a single time. Larger packets (such as 25mg) may be prescribed by a doctor. Also, a derivative of thiamin (vitamin B1) may be bought.  It is called benfothiamin.  It is better assimilated by humans.  It may be bought in pharmacies as Benfogamma.  Each pill contains 50mg benfothiamin.

Pure thiamine is almost impossible to find, however we have found a supply of pure thiamine in powder form.

We also have the same pure pharmaceutical grade thiamine in high dosage capsules specifically made for DCA patients.

Visit our store to buy it in either pure powder or in capsule form.

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