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Received Jan 14. 2014

My wife started taking 2 capsules a day with one Thiamine approximately
six weeks ago.
After the first three weeks she had a scan which revealed a 25% reduction
in the size of all six tumors (she has 4th stage metastatic colorectal
Last week her Oncologist ordered another scan (to be had in three weeks
time), as upon physical examination he could not feel any of her tumors.
During this time her weight has increased from 50kg’s to 60kg’s. Should
her dosage be adjusted?


I am happy to confirm that my husband who was diagnosed a adeno cancer on the lung tumor  Stage IV with 7,3 cm diameter and with a metastasis on the other lung this year April 2013 has been submitted to medical treatment of Chemo therapy alongside with stereotactic radiotherapy and after 2 chemo treatments at same time as DCA on a daily basis the tumor reduced almost 50% and after 4 months of extra 4 treatments of chemo plus 7 radio he was considered cured after 6 months in September 2013

I believe that the fact DCA was given at same time has helped for this fantastic and quick result and I wish to share with you our happiness. Thank you.

Portuguese version

Tenho prazer de confirmar que o meu marido a quem foi diagnosticado em Abril de 2013  um adenocarcinoma Estadio IV no pulmão direito com 7,3 cms de diâmetro com  metástase  do lado esquerdo , apos ter sido submetido a 2 tratamentos Quimioterapia e 2 tratamentos de radioterapia verificou-se ter o tumor regredido quase 50% em volume.

Apos os 2 tratamentos fez mais 4 de quimioterapia e 7 de radioterapia tendo sido considerado apos 6 meses em Setembro de 2013 como curado.

Acompanhou o tratamento hospitalar com DCA numa base diária recomendada

Acredito que o DCA ajudou a esta fantástica recuperação e cura pelo que gostaria de convosco partilhar a nossa alegria. Obrigada.

Kind regards

Name withheld by request


Received Dec 02, 2013

tumors on liver have shrunk-pancreas tumor shrank no new cancer
cells-still long way to go but we believe dca has done it.

name withheld

Received Aug 26, 2013


I find myself in an unusual situation – stuck between the VA and AMA, very
much like living a Kafka novel.
Last VA Doctor, after CT scan, one <1> week ago, had a very hard time
understanding the tumors he was comparing to the previous CT <6 months
earlier> showed no growth .. They shrunk, he had nothing to say!
I continue to control inflammation and your direction for dosage



Here is a recent email from Joe in the US (Received Jan 07, 2013):

I came down with stag 4 lung cancer last year, I took 15 chemos, 4 months ago I found out about DCA, I have now changed to Iowa Citie Ia. cancer center, There are testing me now, They took a piece out of the tumer in my right lung and tested no cancer,Then a brain MRI and no cancer, next is a test on my limp nodes in my throat . Then next is a sample from the bottom of my lungs, Things are looking good and 5 weekds with no chemo.

I feel great, Thanks for the DCA, Joe

Received November 2013

I am about to buy my next DCA which I use since April 2013.

I finished my 6-course chemo for treating my breast and lung cuncer. All
the time I was taking DCA, my oncologist did not know about it. The latest
check up (CAT scann, RX, ulatrasound) from the middle of Oct 2013 showed
significant decreasing the tumor size, from 3.1 mm to 1.8 mm (approx , in
all three dimensions), and my colpased left lung was expanded to the
almost full size. Doctor said it is almost unbelieveble to have such
results after taking the chemo…
I deeply believe that DCA helped me so much.
I have next check up on the end of Dec 2013.
Now I take only DCA and some other supplements for immunity support
(coriolus vesicolour mushroom, chaga mushroom, alpha lipoic acid,
melatonin, Vit D, seal oil, krill oil, shark certilage, turmeric, nigella
sativa (black cumin) seed oil, aronia juice).
I eat alkaline and ketogenic diet, no meat only white fish 1-2 times per

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