Other DCA Benefits

Other Benefits of Pure DCA Therapy

1. DCA reverses Pulmonary Hypertension

Sat, November 12, 2011 8:25 pm
Hi ,
Thank you for getting back to me. I actually discovered dca from a recent abstract from a paper in Pub Med which I have attached to this email as a PDF. The title of the paper is:
Dichloroacetate prevents and reverses pulmonary hypertension by inducing pulmonary artery smooth muscle cell apoptosis.
You can imagine my excitement when I read the title because after becoming all too aware of this condition, all I ever come across is “no cure, death by right side heart failure, high morbidity rate, progressively degenerative, nothing to treat the condition, just ease the symptoms,” etc. so my future was feeling rather bleak.

If you are not familiar with PAH it is the even more rare condition that affects the smooth muscle endothelial cells in the blood vessels in the pulmonary artery. Something triggers the mitochondria to turn off the cell apoptosis so proliferation of the cells go unchecked, constricting the vessel making the heart work harder to get enough oxygenated blood through the body, eventually leading in most cases to death by right-side heart failure. Based on extensive research of available studies, papers, etc. I believe that although there are many contributing factors as to the cause of this change, serotonin syndrome from the use of SSRIs and or candida albicans from an unbalanced gut flora due to antibiotic use, stress, etc. and gluten intolerance leading to leaky gut which allows the candida to overgrow into the rest of the body. All fungi whether it be yeast or mold adapt very quickly to whatever host cell they become attached – say like endothelial cells – and at the same time they take on the cells attributes, they also change the cell metabolism to glycolytic which prefers sugars – of which our horrible western diets have more than enough… Anyway, those points are secondary to the apoptosis trigger being shut off and if DCA can get it turned back on, it could be the cure myself and others had few hopes of ever finding.

There are quite few papers on Pub Med regarding DCA….I’ve attached the one
mentioned above and another I found to be quite informative but if you check out the website yourself, you will find fairly exhaustive information that I hope you can use to help me with a treatment plan – let’s make history together and figure out how to incorporate DCA with other natural approaches such as supplementation (especially magnesium) diet along with lifestyle changes to create a regimen that will hopefully have me the first person to be cured of this horrible condition! I am willing to take the risks associated with un-tested therapies because I have nothing to lose except my life in the next year or two if we don’t do anything and my PAH progresses as per the average which is 3-5 years upon diagnosis. Next week I begin year three since being told the news, so time is of the essence.

Again, thank you for getting back to me and I am hopeful that this is the start of something wonderful but understand that there is always a very good chance that this could simply be another dead end that just looked like the right path. All I ask is for honesty and total disclosure of one’s opinions, beliefs, etc. in regards to working with me in my quest to restore optimal balance to my body and I will always do the same. Basically, no sugar-coating any hard realities or decisions, is what I ask. Please advise as to what you think the next step should be (if any at all) and I will comply.

2. PureDCA has also Normalized my Blood Pressure

By the way does dca also normalises blood pressure because she has a history of hypertension but I noted that her blood pressure has dropped after she started with dca so much so I want to ask her doctor to reduce her blood pressure medication. Which is a good thing that means less medication going through her system.

3. Lyme Disease

Wed, March 30, 2011 4:06 pm
Hi A friend of ours from Texas had mentioned to us that an individual with cfs-lyme had used the product and had great benefit from the dca they said he had it assayed by a lab and it tested very good, so he suggested we buy our products from you. I’ll see if I can find out how to contact the person that had the lab work done.

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