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Liver Cancer

1. Pancreas and Liver Cancer

Tue, December 11, 2012 11:20 am
Subject: vital and urgent inquiry
Dear Sirs,
A good friend of mine is recovering miraculously from a very aggressive pancreas and liver cancer, thanks to your DCA powder.

Since we have a close relative aged 57 who is suffering a very aggressive linfatic [sic] NO Hodgkin cancer, being oxygen dependant since a month ago, with considerable weight loss, can a similar effect / cure be expected, provided an adequate dosage combined with vitamin B is taken by the patient ?
Many thanks for yr reply.

2. Liver Cancer

By the way does dca also normalises blood pressure because she has a history of hypertension but I noted that her blood pressure has dropped after she started with dca so much so I want to ask her doctor to reduce her blood pressure medication. Which is a good thing that means less medication going through her system.

3. Endocrine Tumor in her Liver

Metastatic Cancer of an unknown origin, with Endocrine Tumor in her Liver and Lungs and the suprarenal gland of her right Kidney
Sun, November 10, 2013 11:23 pm
My mother is 68 years old, (height 5’3, weight 59 kilos) she has metastatic cancer of an unknown origin, with tumors in the lungs, liver and the suprarenal gland of her right kidney has been affected. She has had two chemotherapy sessions of 3 infusions each already.

She started taking DCA a little over two weeks ago (almost three). She feels a lot better and the excess fluid she had accumulated is gone. Her DCA dose is two capsules in the morning and two DCA capsules at night. She also takes a thiamine vitamin capsule in the morning and one at night.

I must say, she does not mention having DCA side effects.

On Tue, October 29, 2013 1:20 am
Dear Harneet,
Thank you for your previous email. The recommended DCA dose you mentioned sure has helped my mother who has an endocrine tumor in her liver and lungs. She feels a lot better and her liver function shows some progress.
She just finished her second chemotherapy session last Wednesday Oct. 23, 2013. RR

Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 12:23:57
Dear Harneet,
Thank you for the email.
My mother is quite ill, she has cancer with an endocrine tumor in her liver with unknown primary origin. Metastasis is present, mainly affecting her lungs, and suprarenal gland (right side).- She has started chemotherapy, her second session will begin monday October 21 2013.
Age: 68 years old, female.
Weight: 69 kilograms.
Please advise me as of the reccomended DCA and thiamine dose for her.
All your comments are most welcome!
Thank you,

4. Liver Cancer

Wed, July 31, 2013 4:31 pm
I did as your recommendation and it worked. the pet scan on 07/24/2013 showed the cancer is decreased in size,
I would like to continue the treatment and I need your recommendation again please.
I thank you in advance,

On Mon, May 27, 2013 4:36 pm
Hi, Thank you in advance for your help. in January 2013, CT revealed two
right hepatic lesions, treated with chemotherapy X 6,last treatment
04/24/2013. medications: Gemzar & Abraxane
Weight:140 Lb
Best Regards,

On 05/27/13
Hi there and thank you for your quick respond. I have purchased these for my brother. I have copied him here to provide the information you are inquiring.

5. Liver and Lung Cancers

Fri, July 8, 2011 6:19 pm
I have a question regarding DCA. My mother has been taking dca for the last month and a half already and currently she is having some side effects with the medicine. Her legs and hands is shaking constantly, and she even feels lots of pain on her right leg, and can barely walk.

She is currently taking the recommended dosage for her weight, which is 1.2 grams per day (one half in the morning and the other half during evening) and she is also taking the vitamin B1 thiamine capsules 375mg twice per day, and drinking lots of green tea.

As for the benefits of dca, she does seem to feel better after the second week of taking the medicine, but still seems very week. We are going to make a check up next week on her lungs and liver (which has cancer cells) to see the effects of dca on the tumors.

Now my question is, how can we help her reduce her shaking and leg pains. Is it ok to take more thiamine capsules? Please, help us find out the best solution for her side effects!
Thank you so much !
Waiting for your reply soon :-)

6. Lymphnode (Liver, Kidney, Breast, Abdomen, etc.)

Thu, June 21, 2012 12:21 am
So the second report shows positive changes, right? (The doctor says both biopsies missed the cancer. It is hard to know what to believe.)
The first biopsy – no lymph node sample.
Second biopsy one lymph was sampled and it is cancer.
My question: does DCA heal tumors before it heals lymph nodes?

Thu, May 3, 2012 3:07 pm
I am always researching and have another question. I take 20 drops of lugol’s 3 times a day and usually the night dose is within 1/2 from the DCA. Is this ok?
I tolerate the DCA just fine so is it most effective on an empty stomach, or should I eat 1/2 hour later?
The lymphs are aching again, some return of symptoms as previously described. Is this possibly an ongoing thing due to die-off, as the treatment ebbs and flows…..?
Also, is it possible that the DCIS biopsy report is a result of the DCA reversing the cancer? I mean, it’s either that, or the doctor doing the biopsy missed the cancer in a guided ultrasound biopsy – 5 times!
The ND / Oncologist has me in line for a PET scan next Wednesday because of the liver / kidney, other breast lump, abdomen, ect…… No sense getting surgery until we get a complete picture….
I am hopeful that the DCA is working it’s way through all these issues. Things have moved so slowing with alopathic medicine. I figure it’s because the DCA needs time to do it’s thing – everything happens for a reason, and I have much faith in this program I am on.

Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 19:43:13 -0400
Subject: Re: dmsa an other options
Thanks for keeping us informed of your status – and we look forward to hearing how future tests go… as well as what the ND and others recommend… let us know what you decide with the DMSA as it is an easy chelation and you have already done so much to rebalance your health and well being – stay strong !! Blessings Always.

On Fri, April 27, 2012 4:20 pm, R wrote:
I want to first of all thank you for your feedback each and every time I emailed or phoned you. I guess you know what I’ve discovered this past
couple months – cancer diagnosis is a roller coaster – because one never really knows what’s going on inside, ie; are the weird lymph pains because
the body is clearing out the dead cells, or is it spreading. (localised pain in the lump area of course is easier to interpret as healing). The there are the periods of extreme weakness, sweating, trembling, and for me, all that and over two weeks of chest cold /bronchial. Every day I would feel I was beating the symptoms, and everyday the chest symptoms came back. Today is day 4 of no real chest symptoms. Today is day 4 where my PH has finally come back to 6 and up to 7, so again, the low ph tells me my body must have been undergoing tremendous cleansing, as I live on green juices and alkaline diet, and use baking soda /lemon if necessary -all to no avail for any real increase in ph!

Today, the lump seems to not be protruding as much; a layer of fat seems to tell me the lump has shrunk, yet the width (5 cm) remains the same. I am very very tired and arms are weak to lift. I am sleeping longer, which is much needed! I have a lump in both breasts, both right in the line of where my lymph glands would be draining from my neck, so the 25 yr. bad metal bridge and root canals obviously have been the main source of this condition. (Root canals and bridge out last Oct. Mercury replaced in ’98) I have learned so much these past few months. I have come to believe that some do not fully support DCA because they have invested many dollars in equipment ect. to offer diverse treatment options. So, here I am, wondering how much money to invest in treatments. The fact ‘they’ are not taking a closer look at DCA tells me, I should pay more attention to it and DMSA your website offers….

I began high doses of Vit D and Lugol’s way back in December. I began juicing and DCA on March 9, 2011, along with alternating supplements and protocols. April 6, I began Mistletoe, Naltrexone, and Metformin, along with low doses of aspirin throughout the day. Of course NAC has been a cornerstone throughout. The DMSO I started applying topically seems to have made the supplements work better – hence, contributing to the past two week detox…. Next week, I am going for a 2nd opinion to see a ND who is ‘trained’ in oncology. (not sure what that means, however, if I need (choose) surgery, I have his help. (so far, no surgeon or oncologist has contacted me via ‘urgent request at the walk-in – I am from another province…) So, I have a few days to decide what to do about the DMSA.

Your website sounds interesting – 3 days on and 11 (or so) off. It sounds like my kidneys and liver would handle that better than some chelation. *I should mention that with raw garlic I have my blood pressure down to the mid 115’s over 55-60, and my March 22 lab tests showed my creatine function actually ‘low’. **The blood sugar – I think you’d be on to something with the implicating of self management for individuals in this area. It gives people some control over their diets, gives them something to do, makes them responsible for what they eat, and acknowledges we are unique and everybody’s blood sugar is different, yet, it must be kept very low to stop the cancer. That, and cancer cells create a cycle of lactic
acid which the liver turns into sugar…..doesn’t glutamine reduce the body’s lactic acid? It’s probably silly telling you this – what do I know??? In closing, I do not know if you have any feedback about the questions I face. I guess it’s really up to me if I want to order your DMSA or do what the ND doctor tells me next week. I guess until I get another MRI or ultrasound I really won’t know…
The DCA arrived today – thanks


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