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1. CANCER Survivors Network through American Cancer Society

Using PureDCA to fight cancer
Patient showing PureDCA capsules

2. Bone Marrow Cancer

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 9:26 PM

Subject: DCA (DiChloroAcetate) CANCER CURE IS ON THE MARKET !!!!!
In January, 2008, I was diagnosed with myeloma, aka “bone marrow cancer”. One cyber bud forwarded the DCA CANCER CURE DISCOVERY at University of Alberta, Canada. As DCA was proving effective om other cancers, and myeloma wasn’t on the test schedule, I went another route that CURED MYELOMA in @ 6 weeks.

DCA is an off drug patent medicine that was originally prescribed to patients with unusual medical issues, and it worked.

In 2007, DCA’s CANCER KILLING ability was discovered, literally, by accident. As it had allready been approved for humans, by the USA FDA, and Canadian equivilent, it could go directly to human testing for “new use”, and it worked on nearly 100 % for all cancer test subjects.


Well, here is the first entrepreneur, who has come my way via my long time cyber budette, Kel, who also helped save my life in 2008. iN 2008,


I await a callback from the seller, as I have several questions.
In the meantime, if you are interested, here is the contact info. or call: 347-535-4322. This is in New York.
A 60-day supply of DCA is $299.95 (dca 60 capsules is $119.95)
Posted by JM

3. Great Success with DCA and Have Posted

Fri, March 18, 2011 5:54 pm
We have had great success with DCA and LDN I posted our story at use as you wish J

4. website: Anonymous December 20, 2012 at 9:24 AM

Puredca got rid of my cancer and I cancelled my surgery my doctor was trying to force down my throat. I started to feel its effects in 9 days and 3 months later I was cancer free according to my doctor, that was almost 2 years ago and Im still cancer free.

5. Croatian Group speaking on Web Forum – “experimental group for the treatment with DCA and they were healed”

Respected, I am writing to you because I found your web site. I think you are the reference center for sale and healing with DCA. I am writeing you from Croatia – EU.

I find on your web also instructions on croatian lenguage… Some people recommanded you from my country on forum, they were in the experimental group for the treatmant of DCA and they were healed.

But do not mention the names of their doctors. I presume that you know and to cooperate with some of doctors from Croatia. I wish you would give me the address or phone number of one of the doctor with whom you collaborate in Croatia. To me could expertly advise for the take complete treatments and right doses of DCA.

I hawe a lots of serious problems with my health. In brief: I have very strong pain in my legs, hips and bones about a year, I drink a pain killers – 800 mg x 3 daily ( ibuprofen ) these will damage my stomach and I have very difficult to walk! I am encloseing you some documents in attechments. And more, I ask you to recommend me some dealer of your prodacts here in Europe? I apologize for the possible grammatical mistake in my text! I am waiting for yor reply, Or in advance sincerely grateful KS from Rijeka, Croatia.


Sent you email. Please refer to my last post.

In 2003 with the help of Dr. David Gregg, we determined that DCA would be great cancer tool even before it had been recognized as such. After all, it lowers lactic acid production. If cancers really ferment glucose into lactic acid this should have been predictable.

Naltrexone also treats lactic acid- now being used in cancer

My recommendation is to increase alkalinity while using dca. In stage IV cancer you must stay on dca until there is die off. Do not stop therapy. If you are not getting response that you need increasing and layer your protocols.

Also helpful polysacharides of aloe vera and Rieche mushrooms. Recent study shows that these have more than one anti cancer mechanism and increase production of white cells.

You can do all these treatments without oncologist.

Bret Peirce
American Cancer Advcocates

7. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Reversal with Dichloroacetate Journal of Oncology

Refusing all suggested chemotherapies, the patient began self-administering dichloroacetate (DCA) 900 mg daily with a PET scan showing complete remission four months later. Since his last PET scan, May, 2009, he remains tumor-free from continuous DCA usage.

Volume 2010 (2010), Article ID 414726, 4 pages
Case Report
Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Reversal with Dichloroacetate

8. US National Library of Medicine
same as 7 above, just a different publication

9. March 5th 2012 at 9:16am BC Clinic

Thank you for your comments. Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre has incorporated the use of DCA as a primary treatment protocol in patient cases where it is deemed applicable and appropriate. We will be providing more information on this therapy in upcoming blog posts and on the IHC website.

10. Bret American Cancer Advocates

Once again we saw another tremendous response using DCA this week. Stage IV lung adenocarcinoma. We havent used this in the first five years of our organization because of FDA issues. Now it’s available and we are always amazed at its rapid effect on fermentation. Even in pets. All of our clients get weekly lactic acid testing and many of our clients have lactic acid levels that are below normal. Even topically with DMSO it shrinks tumors over night…at least in the patients we have used it for.

Please give this drug a look. It has been used in other countries to treat lactic acidosis. It’s no wonder why a compound that prevents fermentation is also seen to help cancer patients. When using DCA in high tumor loads you must watch for tumor lysis syndrome. In last year and a half we have seen five patients experience rapid cancer cell die offs and were sent to E.R. for treatment of high potassium, phosphates, and uric acid. High fever is first symptom of this. High potassium can cause arrythmias as well. Bret

11. My cancer is still completely gone

I have now been on DCA for almost 5 years. My cancer is still completely gone, I have had no build up in my body with using DCA every day for this entire time. It has been an incredible experience being able to live my life, look forward to a future, and never having to look back and remember the oncologists telling me I would be dead in 2-3 months. And I am still here, healthy, having a great life and looking forward to every day.

Timothy McGough

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