Cancer Breakthrough At University of Alberta
Length: 1:57 minutes

Dr. Evangelos Michelakis and his team of researchers have now successfully tested DCA on Glioblastoma (GBM) brain cancer patients.

Michelakis has showed dichloroacetate, DCA, reverses the glucose addiction occurring in a cancer cell – meaning DCA will aid in the conventional cancer treatment using chemotherapy and radiation.

DCA is a new direction in the treatment of cancer.


How To Measure DCA With A Scale

It is very important to measure DCA with a scale. A scale measures by weight. Using something like a teaspoon measures by volume (which is how much space something takes up). Measuring by volume is very inaccurate as different substances can take up the same volume but can have very different weights. For instance, a tablespoon of salt will weigh much more than a tablespoon of icing sugar. This concept applies to DCA.

Additionally, DCA is hygroscopic, this means it strongly attracts water. This means that the humidity level in your house will alter the measurements of DCA. Using a scale minimizes this problem.

It is very critical that you take the correct amount of DCA (which is based on your weight and cancer type and stage, this dosage information is provided free of charge to customers of Therefore, you MUST use a scale to get the correct WEIGHT of DCA.

This video below explains how to accurately measure DCA by weight, this will ensure you get the proper dosage of DCA.

Cancer Cure is close or Is it Here?
Length: 3:17 minutes

This person did a video describing the U of A research and the affects of DCA on apoptosis (cell death) of sick, diseased, cancer cells. Unfortunately, he mistakenly calls DCA dichloroacetic acid. This is a common mistake as their letters “DCA” are the same.

However, it is vitally important that dichloroACETATE is used – the ACETIC ACID is not the same thing and it is not what is being used in either the cancer research or the cancer therapies. People that read about “dca and toxicity” are reading about the acetic acid form – not the acetate form. The acetate form is harmless.

DCA Currently In Use In Clinic: Interview with 2 Medical Doctors (MD’s)
Length: 57:00 minutes

Dr’s Khan talks about  the incredible success they have had treating various cancers in their clinic. Dr. A. Khan is the first doctor in the world to prescribe DCA off-label for cancer treatment.

DCA is demonstrated to be VERY safe, with minimal to no side effects. Several real world case studies are discussed. Also highlighted is that DCA has been approved for medical treatment for another condition, lactic acidosis, for over 20 years and there are many published studies about the effects and safety of DCA.

This is not a new compound, just a new illness (cancer) to use it on.

The Real Story Healthtime Prime

Length 5:48 minutes

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in USA.
Leaving half a million families each and every year with a loss of a loved one.
Good News: Discovery in Canada of DCA – cheap, simple treatment that kills almost all cancers without side effects — but you can’t get it !

DCA Miracle: University of Alberta findings kill cancer cells but do not kill healthy cells.

But No Patent, so Drug Companies are not interested in producing DCA.

Dr. Evangelos Michelakis (University of Alberta) does not want to call it a “cancer cure” but he is optimistic (for liability purposes). But says DCA has been used in sick children for over 30 years (says DCA is “well tolerated” in children – so safe). Michelakis is trying to get money for Clinical Trials at this point. Michelakis also warns against potential interactions with other medicines (BUT since 2007 there have been no reported adverse interactions with DCA and any other medications).

University of Alberta, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, and people of Alberta are currently funding his medical research work with DCA to do the first Human Clinical Trials (these were completed in 2010 – see other videos)

Generic drug may be potential treatment for deadly brain cancer

Length:  9:37 minutes

Dr. Evangelos Michelakis (University of Alberta) revisits his 2007 discovery that you could treat cancer with a simple substance, DCA, that has the chemical structure similar to that of common vinegar.

From 2007 to 2009 findings were verified by many other laboratories including :

  • Stanford
  • MIT
  • Harvard
  • University of Florida
  • and others

Michelakis and his team had no support from the Pharmaceutical industry but with private donations and the support of the University Of Alberta Medical Science department they succeeded in conducting the first human trials on a small group of 5 glioblastoma (GBM) cancer patients. .

Michelakis then goes on to speak of Medical Journals and peer reviews on their findings, support for their findings, and the change in the dogma of needing industry support for Generic Drugs.

Dr. Ken Petruk, University of Alberta Department of Surgery, then speaks specifically to the cancer patients and Glioblastoma Multiform and Astrocytoma Grade IV cancer (which affects 23000 people annually in North America). All 5 patients were terminal. GBM is an extremely aggressive cancer that makes treatment difficult and severely limits life expectancy. They found some patients took 2-3 months to get to therapeutic levels of DCA. So one patient died before treatment had really began. The other 4 showed good results and he goes on with specifics. Linda Webster, DCA Projects Manager, explains how the public, University of Alberta, and Alberta Health Services had to fund this research and regulatory papers themselves (without Pharmaceutical Industry funding).



DCA and Cancer: “I Have An Unpleasant Secret To Tell You”
Length: 10:04

DCA has been used for years on certain metabolic conditions. There is a lot of information and studies that detail how safe DCA is. Many of the studies we done using children.

DCAcancer how it works
Length: 12:12 minutes

This is a very good animation done by CancerQuest to explain what is occurring in the body when it has cancer.

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